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The Case for Legalizing Marijuana

There are many people in this country that believe that the government should not make laws that infringe upon the right of a person to make their own decisions. This is the logic that is used by tobacco companies to keep their product legal despite the myriad of evidence of the harm that it causes. Having a government that does not control the day to day life of our citizens is a fundamental part of being an American. This is one of the arguments that many people are making surrounding the legalization of marijuana.


Legalizing marijuana has many arguments on both sides. There are those that want it to be illegal because it is considered to be a gateway drug. However; there is not any actual evidence to support this. In fact, people that would like for it to be legalized point to the black market that it is sold in as a reason that people that want to smoke marijuana are exposed to other drugs in the first place. However; the arguments about legalizing this plant have many other angles that they can take.


There is a huge amount of research that shows just how beneficial the use of medical marijuana can be. In fact there are a number of doctors and other medical professionals that believe using medical marijuana would help to alleviate the opiate crisis because many people addicted to opiates start with prescription drugs. Plus medical marijuana is significantly less expensive with less harmful side effects that the prescription drugs that are being used in many cases, know more about marijuana here!


Another reason that people are considering the legalization of marijuana is because of how well it has worked in the states that have done it. States like Colorado have been able to raise billions of dollars in revenue for schools because of their legalization of marijuana. Plus, they have been able to save even more money by not having to pay for the measures to enforce the law. Putting it simply, this is the financially prudent thing for a state legislature to pass. For additional facts and information about marijuana, you can go to


There are many people that have strong opinions when it comes to the legalization of marijuana. There are arguments against it that are based mostly on an emotional appeal. When you look at the facts of the matter it becomes obvious that making it legal is something that could have profound benefits for many people, check here