Cannabis Smoking Guide

Different Ways in Which Marijuana is Consumed

Marijuana is one of the most commonly used substances in the world today. It is derived from a mixture of dry leaves, stems, seeds and flowers of the hemp plant, otherwise known as Cannabis Sativa. This drug comes in varying colors including gray, brown or green. Just as there are many ways to use the different types of drugs available today, marijuana can also be consumed in a variety of ways as shown in the points below.


Inhalation of the drug is one of the most commonly used ways to use it. People have several methods to do this including rolling cigarette-like joints and blunts, which are hollowed-out cigars filled with the drug. Some users smoke the drug through bongs, usually made of glass, while others use the traditional pipe like the one used to smoke tobacco. These are the most used though some smokers tend to employ creativity to make pipes out of any available materials like bottles and corn cobs.


A fast growing culture by users of this drug, especially the young generation is to incorporate the drug into different types of foods and drinks. This mostly happens in parties where there is a need for drugs which have to be consumed discreetly. The drug is infused in favorite foodstuffs and snacks such as cakes, cookies, ice creams, and chocolates. Certain beverages and drinks are laced with the drug for instance juices and coffee.


Though the use of sprays as a way of getting the high feeling from the drug is not very common or widespread, it is slowly becoming a preferred method for some users. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is a major ingredient of the drug. Using sprays is a desirable way because of the secretive and discreet manner in which it is consumed. The spray is commonly sprayed under the tongue where it is rapidly absorbed into the body system. These sprays come in a wide variety of flavors.If you want to learn more about marijuana, you can visit


A technique known as vaping or juling, is another way of getting marijuana at into the user's body. This method uses devices that vaporize the ingredients of the drug and allows the drug user to inhale the vapor that results. The reason that this way of intake is preferred by drug addicts is that it does not emit strong odors of the drug, thus it can be taken discreetly. This is less irritating to the user too. These are some of the methods that drug users use in consuming this drug.